A guide you can trust.

Before I got into research and writing, I worked as a wilderness guide in Colorado. That’s a job that requires constant awareness—environmental, social, mental, and physical—but you’ve also got to have fun along the way!

Now, as an editor, scholar, teacher, and coach, I’m still focused on building relationships and helping people get where they need to go. I build trust with clients by offering free consultations or sample edits that allow us to assess fit. Then we work together to clarify goals and complete projects on time.

Developmental Editing

My background as a writing teacher and an interdisciplinary scholar has trained me to read for clarity and flow, regardless of the subject matter. By reading closely and asking great questions, I help writers create the best versions of their work.

Copy-editing + Proofreading + Indexing

When I submitted my first academic article for publication, the reviewer wrote back:

I seldom get to say this, but your piece is ready to go with no editing.

That’s the kind of attention to detail I give to all my projects—from academic articles to technical manuals to blogs. Whether editing for web or print, I’ll use your preferred style guide to produce pristine copy at a rate that makes sense for the project. 

College Admissions Coaching

I love helping future college students and their families navigate the application and decision process. As a former admissions counselor who attended seven different colleges and even taught internationally, I have a unique perspective on higher education. Over the years, I’ve helped hundreds of first-year and transfer students tell their stories clearly and find schools that fit their values and priorities.


We’ll agree on an appropriate rate for your project in advance, using a project-based, per-page (for editorial services), or hourly fee structure. Rates vary by project type—developmental editing is more challenging than proofreading—and align with those of other freelance editors and consultants.

Map out your project today.